I just really enjoy drawing a weird, yandere-esque Malady.

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Been playing with E-Mote for the past few hours.
This program is super confusing but fun.
I just have no idea how to render out the files. I kept pushing random buttons and some how this saved so I guess I did something right

Had to upload the gif to a different site:

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Still don’t have internet. -sob-

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Put on a happy face

My internets been down so I decided to color that sketch from before.

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Another commission down the hatch~ 

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A porn website is stealing images and photos from Deviantart, Tumblr and probably other website like Zerochan, Pixiv and similar.

This website shows your photos with porn tags and, somewhen, it even photoshop them in order to make you (or your art) appear in a porn set.

How can you check if you’re on this website? Copy and paste this:


and write your username insteaf of USERNAME. If you have different usarnames for DA and tumblr check them both.

If you find your images just follow the instruction here to report the abuse and make this website cancel them.

Please notice that this website doesn’t steal only personal photos: when I check my username I found also the concept art of Queen Tara and even the tutorial of my Baby Tooth (something like “everything is a dildo if you’re brave enough? Can’t believe .-.). They pick up random images, so it’s better if you control even if you’ve never uploaded personal photos

Maybe this warning is already on Tumblr, but I don’t have time to search it. Please, spread, it’s important!!!

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I found my cosplay work on this porn website, stolen from either my blog or my Tumblr. PLEASE check to see if your information is on there, and follow the steps to have it removed!!

Please reblog this for visibility, and repost it where you can!

I don’t normally reblog stuff here but this is important.
Even a lot of my work is there so they are really going out of their way with getting artwork. I suggest everyone check!

I wasn’t in so great of a mood last night so I did some weird vent sketches before I went to bed.

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Third Commission from the forums completed!
Referenced from this provided pose (X)
I’m sorry that all my posts have been these sorts of things OTL. It’s the requests I keep getting.

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Second Commission from the forums complete. 
Wasn’t sure how I felt about this one at first but once I finished it I liked it more.

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Finished the first commission~ onto the next one. *o*

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